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Surgical Discovery Tours

Surgical discovery tours are a guided tour of the hospital and an introduction to some of the staff that will take care of your child. Our surgery child life specialist will show you and your child the different people, places and things your child will see on his or her surgery day

To schedule a tour, call Pre-Registration at (217) 757-6565 or the surgery child life specialist at (217) 544-6464, ext. 44625.


Online Discovery Tours

Child getting prepared for surgeryThe child-life specialists at St. John’s Children’s Hospital and the behavioral and speech-clinical experts at Hope Academy created online discovery tours or "social stories*" to help children prepare for these unfamiliar or unexpected activities.

These child-friendly stories feature pictures and easy-to-understand language to help your family safely navigate every step of your visit to St. John’s Children’s Hospital.

*Social stories are especially useful for children with autism, anxiety and other differences that unfamiliar activities may cause undue stress.

What will happen on my trip to the outpatient surgery center?

What will happen on my trip to the pediatric pre-anesthesia area?

I am getting an MRI. What is it?

I am getting a CT. What is it?