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Gifts of toys and supplies 

The child life department is not accepting any donations at this time due to COVID-19 infection prevention policies. Thank you for your understanding. 

Box of colored beadsThe child life specialists at HSHS St. John's Children’s Hospital prepare, distract and support children and their families during procedures or tests. This support includes educating the child before the procedure in an age-appropriate manner and helping to distract and coach the child during the procedure. They also plan activities, in the play areas and at the bedside, to meet each child's individual needs.

By using medical equipment, specially designed dolls, books and videos, the child life specialists help children and teens become familiar with diagnoses, medical procedures and hospital routines during their stay. Child life specialists also provide comfort for appropriate Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) infants and stimulation for NICU infants in the unit for a long period of time. 

Almost all the items the child life specialists use are purchased through gifts to St. John's Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and by donors like you!

To learn more, call the child life specialist donation Line: (217) 535-3995.

Gift Cards

Gift card donations are very much appreciated and used to celebrate special events for patients during their stay such as the end of chemotherapy treatment and their birthday. These are usually in denominations of $10 or $25 from places like iTunes, Walmart and Amazon.

Child life specialists also use gift cards to purchase therapeutic tools and other necessities to help the children. These are usually from Walmart, Amazon and Oriental Trading Company.

Wish Lists - All items must be new

Items in red are especially popular

Child Life Playroom and Pediatrics
* Arts and Crafts $10 (Fuzzy posters, bead kits, paint kits, etc.)
* Action figures $10
* Wooden toddler puzzles $10
* Matchbox cars $5
* Basketballs and footballs $15 (small Nerf Balls)
* Lego Kits (200-piece sets preferred)
* Rescue Hero Figures $12- $25
* Play-doh Kits $10-$25 OR just Play-doh cans
* Plastic Tractors and Sets $10-$35
Card Games $10 (Uno, Skipbo, Phase 10, plain cards, etc.)
* Crayola Color Wonders $12
* Light Spinner Globes $5
* Find-it Games $20
* Domino Games – plain or characters
* Memory Games – plain or character
* Animal Flashlights $8-$15
* 8-24 pack of crayons (no 64+) $2-$5
* Colored Pencils $1.50 - $5
* Markers (8-12 count) $2.50 - $5
* Thin Coloring Books $1-$8
* Adult Coloring Books

* Baby dolls
* Diamond Art Kits
$10 gift cards for teens (see above)

Please note -- all toys must be plastic and all surfaces must be wipe-able for infection control purposes.

Infant and Toddler Toys
* Playskool Busy Tumble Top $12
* Playskool Busy Poppin Pals $14
* Playskool Busy Basics Walk-N-Ride $27
* Fisher Price Farm $30
* Shape Sorters $12 and up
* Fisher Price Deep Ocean Music Mobile $30
* Fisher Price Elmo Giggle Guitar $30
* Fisher Price Sesame Street Giggle Gang $15
* Rattles $3 and up

LeapFrog Drums
* Freezable Teething Rings
* Fisher Price Ring Stacker $14
* Light Up/Musical Toys $5 and up
* Little People Doll House/Zoo Character $20
* Little People characters & farm animals 
* Fisher Price Crawl Along Drum Roll
* VTech Learn and Discover driver $14
* LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal $9
* LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone $14

Stuffed Animals - comfort items
Comfort items are given to patients to keep. All stuffed animals and blankets must be brand new.
No exceptions

We have been blessed with a large number of hats donated for newborns and small children, so please contact the donation line at (217) 535-3995 before dropping off any hats to make sure they are needed.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
* Grin and Grow Clacking Character Keys $2
* Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym $29
* Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Mirror $22
* Sassy Ring O Links with Take Along Tunes Music Toy $30
* Sassy Flip Grip Rattles (2pk) $3
* Sassy Spin and Shine Rattle $4
* Sassy Flip and Grip $3

* Sassy Ring O Links Rattle $8
* Sassy Ring Rattle $4
* Sassy Fascination Station $8

* Large Double-Side Crib Mirror Genius Baby Toys $28